PRF Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich Fibrin / Hair Restoration

Platelet-Rich -Fibrin (PRF) hair restoration is our newest treatment that uses wound-healing technology to restore inactive hair follicles to treat hair loss / thinning. 

The hair restoration process begins with our providers drawing the patient’s blood just like they would during a regular blood test.  The blood that is drawn from the patient is then put into our centrifuge system where it separates the blood creating the PRF. The PRF is then injected back into the patient’s scalp treating the areas that have shown hair loss/thinning. 

There are various factors that can affect hair thinning/loss and each treatment is customized depending on the patient’s concerns. PRF Hair Restoration has been clinically proven to treat hair loss / thinning in both male and females. It is recommended that you do 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart for optimal results followed by maintenance treatments as needed!

There are many factors that come in to play when it comes to hair thinning / loss. If you are experiencing hair thinning / loss you are a good candidate for this treatment.  It is not recommended for complete balding nor will it grow hair if there was never any hair present to begin with. 

It takes about 3-6 months after the final injection to see that final result. Results also will vary from person to person. We do recommend 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart for optimal results. Some patients may need more than the recommended, minimum 3 treatments. 

There is little to no down time and the patient may carry on to their day-to-day activities. However, please follow these post care instructions:

– NOTHING on the scalp for 48 hours. This includes hair products and hats. You may wet your hair, but no hair products such as shampoo/conditioner, dry shampoo, gel, etc need to be on the scalp for 48 hours. 

– No sweating for 24 hours.

– No hair dye for two weeks.

It is recommended to wash your hair prior to receiving treatment. 

Yes! This treatment has proven to help patients who are experiencing postpartum hair thinning / loss! 

Yes! This treatment has proven to help with patients who have experienced hair thinning / loss due to COVID. 


Before & After One Treatment!